Can you breathe new life into the ordinary through absurd functionalism? I wanted to take students, and others that just left parental home, by the hand and guide them through their first week alone with enemy stove. From grocery-list, to the fridge onto the IKEA® plate, the whole dietary process was analyzed. What, can you cook on Monday thats reusable on Tuesday, for example. Nutritional science and ethical standpoints were taken into consideration. The following work tries to position itself somewhere on the intersection of everyday-noodle-eating and [however simple] full-fledged cookbook. Experience has shown that in reality latter are very seldom consulted.

An unconventional poster for the fridge was created, that guides through the cooking process. An app assists during grocery shopping and the timing of cooking steps.


Title: Studierendenfutter (2015)
Category: Student Cooking

Design: Dominic Spitaler
Additional Illustrations: Laura Edelbacher
Photography: Johannes Raimann

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Contrary to the traditional cookbook, Studierendenfutter uses illustrated infographics to display recipes instantly recognizable, inviting, clearly oversee-, and understandable.

It delivers 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. Typical retail packaging is oftem too large for the single consumer, and a lot of ingredients unaffordable for young students. One of the project goals was to avoid groceries being thrown away. Instead, leftovers are incorporated into the next days meals. That way a meal costs on average just € 3,50. And the recipes are healthy and delicious, but also fast and easy to cook.

Via QR coupling the posters shopping list is always accessible through a smartphone app, that even reminds you when to go shopping.