09.21 — Elbe Dock | Official Selection
09.21 — Deep Focus | Honorable Mention

07.21 — Festival of Tolerance | Official Selection
11.20 — This Human World | Official Selection
10.20 — DOK Leipzig | Gedanken-Aufschluss Prize
03.20 — Diagonale | Official Selection

“A soccer team full of underdogs. The kind-hearted, big-mouthed, ex-convict Robin is president of his own amateur soccer club in Austria, which lurks around, with varying degrees of success, in the lower leagues.”

Director Jasmin Baumgartner accompanied him for over seven years—and observed how Robin, trying to keep his “dirty rotten bunch” of multi-cultural characters together, is faced with abysmal racism on the sidelines, excessive parties, unpleasant coach changes, thefts in the locker room, and cops arresting his players over a few joints.

Documentary, AT/DE, 90 Min.


Title: Robin’s Hood (2020)
Category: Documentary

Director: Jasmin Baumgartner
Production Company: Filmakademie Wien
Co-Producer: Dominic Spitaler

Cinematographer: Anna Hawliczek, Olga Kosanovic
Editor: Matthias Writze
Sound Design: Matthias Ermert
Color Grading: viennaFX
Distribution: Journeyman Pictures