Vienna’s cinemas asked us to develop an advertising campaign promoting the cinematic experience. A series of live action spots were created, each humorously focusing only on the reaction of moviegoers to the film.

We also created a series of found footage spots that take you on a journey through the history of Austrian film. An incredible amount of research was required and months were spent searching the archives of ORF, Filmarchiv Austria, Filmladen, Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Lotus Film, Paul Rodsy, Stefan Müller and wega Filmproduktion. We thank them for their courtesy.

Title: Kinomomente (2019)
Category: Ad Campaign

Client: Wiener Kinos, WKO
Production Company: ostblok
Director: Ioan Gavriel

Research: Laura Wichmann
Composer: Stephan Sperlich
Editor: Tom Pohanka
Additional Editing: Olga Kosanovic