“The dress is too lavish and the toilet cubicle too small for the bride to fit in. The ballroom is jam-packed and the mood is alarmingly good. Something is about to burst: the groom’s delusion of grandeur? The pregnant belly of deaf Betti? Her step-father's patience? Or the wine-filled bladder of his ex-wife?”

Tragicomedy, AT/DE, 25 Min.
Shot on Kodak 16mm film.

Premiere Date to be announced …

Title: Topfpalmen (2020)
Category: Short film

Director: Rosa Friedrich
Production Company: Filmakademie Wien
Producer: Dominic Spitaler
Cast: Maresi Riegner, Henny Reents, Lars Rudolph, …

Director of Photography: Albert Car
Production Design: Jan Klammer & Valentin Hämmerle
Costume Design: Carola Pizzini
Make Up & Hair: Tom Meyr
Casting: Franz Quitt
Schnitt: Svenja Plaas
Design: Studio Es